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Shabnam Archer

Shabnam is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Mallorca, Spain.

She is fascinated with the concepts of construction and destruction, and how beauty, energy and fresh purity emerge from the forces of destruction that are constantly at play in our world.


Her works exude a graceful eloquence and artistic flair, brought to life by her painstaking attention to detail and relentless focus on artistic composition, color and light, to produce artworks that capture the viewer's soul and imagination.

Available Works

Artist Statement

Anchor 1

After multiple lockdowns and restrictions, I searched for meaning amongst the rapid changes around us.

During one of my walks I came across a vibrant door that captured the most magnificent colors and shapes.

The door belonged to my favorite place in Mallorca, closed down due to the pandemic. As a result of wind, sun and water this wooden door had been transformed.

My fascination with the relationship between destruction and construction once again came back to life.

The energy, purity, freshness and the beauty that comes from destruction captivates me. It feels liks a necessary course with a new beginning and rearrangement of past structure.

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