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The Aspire Store stockists of Carrol Boyes homeware in Europe and Spain

The Aspire Store is our specialist concept store offering a selection of exceptional home & lifestyle collectibles.

We aspire to enhance the lifestyles of our customers and transform their living spaces into a sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

Carrol Boyes Glass Platter and Stand - On Show
Where art meets function
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The Carrol Boyes Story

The Carrol Boyes story began more than 30 years ago, when a talented English teacher – Carrol Boyes – decided to pursue her passion for art and sculpture.

Carrol Boyes is a trusted and celebrated brand; which prides itself on exceptional quality and an iconic recognizable style.

Carrol’s ethos was to produce high quality, unique, quirky, and collectable pieces of art that could be used every day. Pieces to enjoy and pass down from generation to generation. The brand still holds this vision true to this very day.

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Use Art Money to purchase your favorite Carrol Boyes functional art pieces and pay off the cost in monthly instalments, instead of upfront.

Art Money credit is available from €1,000 to €50,000. 10% deposit, 10 payments, 10 months, no interest. Art Money can be used to purchase bundles of products, with a minimum spend amount of €1,000. 

Contact us for more information, or use this link to sign up and get approval before buying the functional art pieces you love:

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