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Tomàs Sunyol´s figurative abstract works depict quiet streets and narrow alleys typical of his Mediterranean surroundings. Although people are not typically depicted in his works, their presence is felt.

Simple lines and bold color divisions form the core of his compositions.

His works depict typical streets, buildings, light and shadows synonymous with his city surroundings. He also creates figurative abstract works, wherein oil paint and his spatula give brilliant color and form to his art.

Tomàs Sunyol

Available Works

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Tomàs cites the light of the streets, "in which life passes", as being his favorite subject. In his works, he often depicts the streets of his favorite cities in a style that borders on figurative abstraction.



Tomàs Martínez Sunyol was born in Dieulefit (France) in 1964 into a family deeply passionate about art. Both his father, Joaquim Martínez Lerma and uncle, Álvaro Sunyol were painters, and Tomàs quickly developed an interest in fine art from a young age.

The family moved to Catalonia where they settled in Badalona, and Sunyol attended the Pau Gargallo School where his creative talents were nurtured.


His distinctive style has led to several awards and his work can be found in notable public and private collection around the world.

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