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Pangolin Nocturn bronze sculpture by Steven Wilkins

Steven creates bronze sculptures, primarily of wildlife, intending to convey the true essence of their nature and character within his works. 

He sculpts in wax and casts in bronze, taking inspiration from the vivid emotions evoked by his sculptures.

Steven is deeply passionate about expressing his subjects’ movement and unique textures, which he effortlessly captures through his intricate sculpting process.

Steven Wilkins

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“Sometimes, one must simply cease sculpting and merely look, look for all the things that aren't right with the piece…not the things that are imperfect; imperfect is unavoidable and actually desirable.

Inspect photographs of the piece or look at it reflected in a mirror. The tendency for our minds to overlook errors can be upended simply by looking at a reflection.

Then, take no action that day, come back to it later and then begin the work. This method can be applied to life; take the time to look closely, spend an entire day or week or however long you need to find what's wrong. Use your good relationships as a mirror, let people show you where you are wrong, then be glad for it!

For knowing where you are wrong, you are now shown the path forward... Then, when you are ready, begin the work.” 

Steven Wilkins in his studio


As a teenager, Steven started sculpting mostly assemblages in various metals. He learnt about the manipulation of materials and the art of assemblage from numerous sources while still in school.

After completing school, he put his sculpting career on hold whilst he trained as a goldsmith. He subsequently worked in goldsmithing for 12 years.

Steven’s return to sculpting was marked by a prominent South African gallery owner asking him to sculpt a pangolin within 24 hours - a remarkable moment for which he is grateful, since it once again reawakened his focus on sculpting.

Steven takes inspiration from light and textures; from the perceived character of his subjects; and from the soulful emotions his works evoke.

Before he starts sculpting, he studies his subject matter as much as possible. Once he begins to sculpt, he does not look at his subject again - instead, allowing the distortion of memory to manifest in his works.

He is passionate about conveying the true nature and character of his wildlife subjects, by capturing their peculiar movement and unique textures in his works.

Steven has exhibited at numerous galleries across South Africa. He works from his studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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