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Core III by Sara Jorslov

Sara's works are largely inspired by nature.  

She is passionate about climate change, and demonstrates that passion through themes evoking droughts, floods, or melting ice. Blue, white and earth tones, as well as bold and lush textures, feature extensively throughout her body of works.

Sara works extensively with acrylic, and uses different techniques to achieve her desired volume and texture effects within her paintings.

Sara Jorslov

Available Works

"I create my works with acrylic, using different techniques: brush, spatula, sand and other materials that give volume and texture to my paintings.

I like to experiment and I avoid being pigeonholed exclusively into a single technique; and I identify more with abstract art than with figurative art.

Sometimes I vindicate the problem of climate change with themes that evoke droughts, floods or melting. In my works, white, blue and earth tones predominate, possibly influenced by the light and colors offered by my Mediterranean island environment.


Nature is my inexhaustible source of inspiration."

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Sara Jorslov


Sara Fernández Jorslov was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in 1978. 

Her training and professional career have focused on the fields of painting, interior design and photography.

Academic Training

  • Diploma in Interior Architecture from Blau, Escola de Disseny in Palma de Mallorca (2000)

  • Instruction in the discipline of oil painting, with Uruguayan hyperrealist Jorge Pombo (2008 & 2009)

  • Diploma in Professional Photography, Progress Photography Mallorca (2011)

  • Instruction in the discipline of watercolor painting, with Margarita Forteza Villar, president of Grupo Acuarelista Balear (2017 & 2018)

Professional Experience

  • Interior designer at Zanobia Arquitectura, Palma de Mallorca (2000 to 2011)

  • Photographer, practicing freelance professional (2013 to present)

  • Interior designer, practicing freelance professional (2016 to present)

  • Visual artist (2020 to present)


Abstraction, Nature & Perspective

These three words define the visual part of my work in a general sense, as I reinterpret nature from an abstract perspective and represent it in a flat appearance from a zenith point of view.

I am fascinated by maps and I have drawn hundreds of blueprints in my professional life; hence I have a tendency to see the world from above. An ideal world that I would choose is calm, natural, uninhabited, sometimes inhospitable and silent, things that partly reflect some aspects of my personality. It gives me peace to 'feel' nature and represent it in my work. Water and earth are the star elements in the themes I create.

Blues, whites and earth tones are the predominant colors in my works, undoubtedly influenced by my living on an island.

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