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Galería Begbie & Coll Pensaments Exhibition Salvador Llinas

PENSAMENTS | 15 MAY – 30 JUNE 2021

Thoughts: scattered, diverse and always moving.


What is clear is that thinking is an inevitable act. We think when we are awake, we think when we sleep.


Future, past and present.


The works of this new collection by Salvador Llinàs, dig deep into the power of the mind and the individual’s own, purposeful act of thinking. The artist aims to reproduce those cognitive processes, acts of judgment, and insistent and distressing ideas that our minds are able to embrace.


We always think, yes. But do we do it freely on all occasions?


PENSAMENTS invites you to decipher and interpret each creation, understood as a piece of the set of works that make it up, and to reflect on the recent reality that surrounds us, influences us, and constantly transforms us.

Laura Rosselló (April 2021)

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