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African Rain Resin Sculpture by Louis Chanu

Louis Chanu has always had a fascination with the transient nature of light; and in particular its reflective aspects and how that relates to the art he produces.

Louis’ fascination with light continued throughout his career. He had a vision to make sculptures that emitted some kind of energy or light that would captivate the viewer, and absorb and reflect light; as well as changing constantly, depending on the time of day.


So, he designed his signature Illuminated Steel Sculptures, which would look and feel like solid steel during the day; but at night the metal would dissolve into the darkness and the sculpture would glow.

The latest in Louis’ series of innovative materials in a new bio-based plant carbon resin range. Louis' vision of human figures that are made of a transparent material – like glass or ice-sculptures that absorb and emit light, captivate the viewer by capturing and reflecting the light throughout the day.  

Louis Chanu

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'The inspiration for my work comes from nature, its varying qualities of light, its organic shapes and the complex relationship between people and nature...with the element of time causing endless change.


My great passion and yet my greatest challenge is to interpret what I see around me through the medium of sculpting. To achieve this I am constantly experimenting with new methods and materials. 

I love the female form, as the shapes are organic and gentle.


It gives me a great sense of meaning and pleasure to present these works that will be a permanent reflection of our unique era. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.'

Louis Chanu


Louis Chanu has had a passion for sculpting since he was a child. He has an incredible ability to transform any material into 3-dimensionality, be it wax, clay or new materials, which he is constantly investigating. He is also extremely versatile in his subject matter, having sculpted realistic figures, and at the same time abstract and organic shapes. His sculptures have an emotional quality that give his bronzes life and energy.

Louis started sculpting seriously in 1989; where he concentrated on two themes: the first being "People of Africa", each of the sculptures in this collection telling a different story of Africa in present time. The second collection - a series of bronzes depicting “Women of our Time”,each one depicting women in their various roles in society.

In 2012/2013, Louis developed an exciting and innovative nickel/bronze plating technique which enabled him to infuse light and a transitory quality to his bronze sculptures. 

With his relentless focus on the reflection/light; Louis started to incorporate LED lighting into his sculptures, and came up with the innovative Steel and Stainless Steel Illuminated Sculptures (ISS). These have been a huge success as they transcend the line between Sculpture and functional Art. They are beautifully displayed not only in galleries; but in outside gardens around the country and around the world.

The latest in Louis’ series of innovative materials in a new bio-based plant carbon resin range. Louis vision of human figures that are made of a transparent material – like glass or ice- sculptures that absorb and emit light which will captivate the viewer by capturing and reflecting the transient nature of light have been realized in this latest series. They are a manufacturing feat in terms of making epoxy resin sculptures on this scale; and change constantly depending on their surroundings. Louis’ sculpture is defined by innovation with materials, and have progressed from the classical bronze sculpture to innovative transparent sculptures that completely merge with their surroundings.


His subject matter shows a love of organic shapes, particularly found in the female form. He maintains that his inspiration can come from anything he sees, but the emotional response must be strong for him. Louis’ love of sculpting is what has kept him grounded. “Sculpting is my meditation” says this passionate sculptor; who’s sculptures are increasingly gaining value as an investment, having collectors like Johan Rupert, Richard Branson as well as the Department of Arts and Culture.

Louis lives nearby Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and three children. His other passion is flying; having built two of his own aircraft, he has flown extensively around South Africa and Namibia; and has been flying paragliders for over 20 years.

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