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African Rain Resin Sculpture by Louis Chanu

Louis Chanu has always had a fascination with the transient nature of light; and in particular its reflective aspects and how that relates to the art he produces.

Louis’ fascination with light continued throughout his career. He had a vision to make sculptures that emitted some kind of energy or light that would captivate the viewer, and absorb and reflect light; as well as changing constantly, depending on the time of day.


So, he designed his signature Illuminated Steel Sculptures, which would look and feel like solid steel during the day; but at night the metal would dissolve into the darkness and the sculpture would glow.

The latest in Louis’ series of innovative materials in a new bio-based plant carbon resin range. Louis' vision of human figures that are made of a transparent material – like glass or ice-sculptures that absorb and emit light, captivate the viewer by capturing and reflecting the light throughout the day.  

Louis Chanu

Public & Outdoor Art