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Haydee Breganski

Haydee has been painting for more than 20 years, particularly having been inspired and taught by two notable art teachers based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Her work centers around different textures and colours, and the resultant moods and atmospheres created by these elements.


She experiments extensively with oil, wax, and other materials to achieve specific outcomes in her drawings and paintings.

Haydee is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her works form part of numerous private collections around the world.

Available Works

Artist Statement

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Expressing myself through my art is one way I've managed to keep sane, and sometimes venture into the realm of the insane.

My work is primarily about capturing mood, atmosphere and texture.

Since I started painting professionally 20 years ago, my work has gone through various stages. It's an ongoing period of change, and sometimes a lot of struggle - one never really gets to a point of satisfaction.

I'm constantly experimenting and trying new ideas. As soon as something gets too comfortable, I know it's time to push the envelope further.

The big, wide open and dramatic skies of Africa have always been a big influence in my work, whether I'm painting more representational, or lately, more abstract works.

The human form and portraiture is also of great interest to me. Multiple years of live drawing classes have helped me to fully appreciate the body in 3-dimensional form.

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