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Hidden Figures Online Exhibition | Galería Begbie & Coll | Ralph Kretschmar | AD-Reflex


Galería Begbie & Coll invites you on a journey wherein we showcase the perfectly crafted, unexpected and sometimes carefully hidden figures, meanings and symbols arising within the artworks produced by artists Ralph Kretschmar & AD-Reflex.

Within these works, a multitude of messages, emotions and contrasts are expertly and oftentimes subtly conveyed to the viewer.

Themes examined include a lifelong, relentless quest for freedom and search for a new world; the fleeting passage of time; fierce but deliberate juxtapositions of beauty adjacent to portrayals of decay; and scenes from ancient Greek mythology coupled with highly innovative digital art techniques – all creating enchanting works of art.

Each work compels the viewer to stop and invest the necessary time and attention to appreciate their most meticulous details – and, our intention is for you to be mesmerized with the beauty and magic inherent within each and every one of them.

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