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bronze sculpture by Gillie and Marc


Art Money and Galeria Begbie & Coll Partnership

Galería Begbie & Coll are proud partners with Art Money.


Use Art Money to buy the art you love and pay off the cost in monthly instalments, instead of upfront.

Art Money credit is available from €1,000 to €50,000. 10% deposit, 10 payments, 10 months, no interest.

Contact us for more information, or use this link to sign up and get approval before buying an artwork you love:

Currently Featured: Jo Roets

Jo creates intricate clay sculptures using air-drying clay which is rolled out until paper thin, and then sculpted with indents, holes and incisions using unusual tools such a toothpicks and needles.

Her signature, intricate and delicate clay sculptures use distinctive patterns and shapes inspired by the numerous visually and symbolically rich indigenous cultures found throughout South Africa. Jo's key objective is to celebrate the similarities found in diversity. 

Her work is born from a profound recognition that although our circumstances differ, essentially we all share a common humanity. Her artworks are a deep celebration of this recognition.

The Aspire Store

Welcome to our unique concept store, where we proudly present an exquisite selection of high-end home and luxury lifestyle collectibles. Our store is carefully curated to offer you an extraordinary shopping experience, where you can explore a world of exceptional craftsmanship, elegance, and style.

Step inside and immerse yourself in a collection that celebrates the finest in home decor and luxury living. From meticulously crafted home decor articles to captivating artwork, each item has been thoughtfully selected to embody sophistication and timeless beauty.

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Art meets function

Haydee Breganski

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Current Exhibition

2021 11-Nov - Autumn 2021.jpg

We are pleased to present our annual Autumn exhibition, running from 01 November until 31 December 2021.